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A Comfortable Way To Rot - Bio

Hailing from Nelson New Zealand, A Comfortable Way to Rot was founded by brothers Jamie and Liam Thomas (ex:Entangled Decay) experimenting

with different approaches towards typical/technical Death Metal.

With many nights dissipated on programming game theatrics and their philosophical consequences regarding mortality. Molding it into death metal. The band released and online ep that included a drum machine and various video game references. Later on recruiting Phil Oulsnam on drums and Daniel Hawkins on bass the band rounded out their sound.

Now utilizing 8 string guitars and low tunings the band found its tonal place. Phill brings technical and creative drumming, while Daniel brings an awkward tonal motion to the band and seems to fill in the gaps with ganky sloppy slaps.
With their lineup confirmed ACWTR is eager to traul their lumbering bulk to the beach front storming the common rock barracks and taking their brains prisoner with chaotic dissonance abundant. A pulsing new abomination for the New Zealand Death Metal ranks.


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